Understanding What is Chiropractic

What is ChiropracticIf you have been experiencing neck or back pain and you’re not quite sure how to go about getting rid of it, then you may have started wondering just what is chiropractic anyways and can it help me.

Chiropractic is considered the world’s largest drug free health care system. As an alternative kind of medicine, people from all parts of the world rely on their chiropractor to keep their spines in line to avoid physical problems that can occur otherwise.

Keeping the muscles and nerves in your body interacting properly is key to optimum functioning of the nervous system. When the spine is not in line, interference to the nerves can create unnecessary pain and discomfort, and even cause more serious conditions as well.

Your first visit to a chiropractic doctor will entail the checking of your spine to look for any misalignment. He/she will examine whether your feet are even, which can show a misalignment in the lower back area.

Your entire neck all the way down to your hips will be checked also. Typically your knees, arms, and hands will be checked for any non responsiveness which can show a pinching of the nerves involved in that part of the nervous system.

From this examination the doctor will know what chiropractic treatments are required to bring your body back to proper alignment. Depending on the severity of your situation the chiropractor will recommend a treatment process that can vary from once a week visits to several times a week until the problem is resolved.

After accomplishing returning the spine to a correct positioning and freeing up involved nerves that are causing the problems, it is usually recommended to maintain a regular schedule of chiropractic adjustments to keep issues from returning and to maintain all around good health in the nervous system, thus preventing further issues.

Typical Chiropractic Adjustments

The Toggle Drop – The chiropractor uses his crossed hands to press down firmly on specific areas of the spine that are in need of adjustment. With a quick and precise thrust, the chiropractor performs the adjustment. This improves the mobility of the vertebral joints.

The Lumbar Roll – Here the chiropractor positions the patient on their side, then applies a quick and precise manipulative thrust to the misaligned vertebra, returning it to its proper position.

Release Work – The chiropractor applies gentle pressure using his or her fingertips to separate the vertebrae.

We hope this article has helped to explain what is chiropractic to you so that it is a little clearer and may help you in your decision as to whether it is something that may help your situation!


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